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Printed vinyl window graphics and computer cut vinyl lettering can be produced using many kinds of materials. Most window lettering and graphics can be made from a combination of premium vinyl that is computer cut and large format digitally printed vinyl with UV overlaminate for protection.

Painted glass window graphics are also available, but are not as commonly used as vinyl graphics.

Painted Plywood Sign

MDO (Medium Density Overlaid)Plywood -

Paint finishes on MDO are up to three times more durable than the same finish applied to ordinary plywood.Ideal for Painted Signs: In many instances, overlaid MDO plywood has proven a more durable sign material than metal. MDO plywood is resistant to the elements with no danger of rust or corrosion.

Painted MDO Plywood Signs

Painted Window Graphics

Painted and Vinyl Window Graphics

Punched Metal Signboards are durable and weather-resistant, these signs can offer a clean and modern feel or a historic flavor, depending on the design.

punched metal signboard

Punched Metal Signboard

Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter signs are three-dimensional storefront signs. A standard channel letter is a three-dimensional graphic sign element. Its channel is fabricated from sheet metal, most often aluminum since it will not rust. In a standard reverse lit channel letter sign the face of the letter is constructed from aluminum and the lighting is directed to the back. This light floods the wall that the letter is mounted to and creates a negative space at night.

Lighted Channel Letter Sign Channel Letter Signs

Fabric Signs are a budget-friendly choice, fabric signs can be colorful and unique; however, they do require upkeep and replacement. We advise that you invest a little more, if this is the option you choose, in a heavy-duty fade-resistant fabric.

Fabric Sign

Cabinet/Box Signs

Box Sign

Cabinet/Box Signs are illuminated with high output fluorescent lamps. The lamps are contained within the sign cabinet. The light is transmitted through an acrylic or routed aluminum face. Acrylic, plexiglass, or Lexan faces are usually decorated with high quality vinyl graphics. The aluminum faces are routed and then backed with acrylic.

Monument Signs

Monument Sign

Monument signs can be seen as adding an almost sculptural element of appearance to identification signage. They often reflect the architectural characteristics of the buildings they stand before and they continue the ambience of their environment by incorporating the colors and textures of their surroundings. Monument signs are often times illuminated by ground or landscape lighting as opposed to many pylons which are mostly internally illuminated.

Pylon Signs

Pylon sign

Pylon Signs are freestanding signs in excess of eight feet in height that is detached from a building and is supported by one or more structural elements which are architecturally similar to the design of the sign.

Blade Sign

Blade Signs

Blade signs are made to protrude perpendicular to the flow of traffic and serve as visual reminders that your business is in the area.  Blade signs are also extremely versatile in design.  Blade signs can range from simple architectural elements to digitally printed faces to complex illuminated cutouts.  Whether you attract customers by name recognition, color, or unique shape, blade signs are the welcoming personality of your business.

Vinyl Graphics

Under Canopy Signs

An Under-Canopy sign may include the legal business name and logo, OR business use description, describing products, services, or brands available. These signs are, generally, used by business owners in indoor/outdoor malls for a more eye-level appeal.

under canopy sign

Sandblasted Wood Signs

Sandblasted wood signs are popular with business owners or operators that have storefronts in brick facade buildings or carefully manicured shopping neighborhoods prefer the natural look and colorful displays of sandblasted markers. This signage solution does well as an address marker, a storefront sign or a display of a niche-specific company marker.

sandblasted wood signs

Fabric Signs