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Facilities in Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, & California

  • How do I select the right awning or sign for my business/residence?

Signs-We recommend that you evaluate your building/residence by completing a few simple steps. First, suit storefront signs to your location, keep it simple, be aware that zoning regulations may apply, and choose a design that best fits your needs. There are different types of signage solutions that fit your needs. Painted plywood signs, painted glass (storefront window), punched metal signboard, metal logo and lettering (three-dimensional), fabric signs, metal sign band, monument signs, sand-blasted wood signs, channel letter signs (reverse lit), cabinet/box signs, under-canopy sign, pylon signage (to include tenant panels), blade/projection signs, and awnings with graphics are among some of the various options available. See our Signs page.

Awnings-We recommend, when choosing an awning for your business or residence, that you consider weather conditions, visibility, the color scheme, awning material, your specific needs, the location of your residence or business, the number of awnings you’ll want and where, and the amount you want to spend. There are many different styles of awnings so you’ll want to become most familiar with your specific needs. In addition to traditional fabric awnings, lit and non-lit, we also offer metal awnings.  Our product line includes standing seam, architectural canopies, and .090 metal skinned awnings.  See our Awnings page.

**Frame construction is typically all aluminum, mig-welded, staple system.  We also build steel frames for longevity, and ease of recovering. However, we prefer to manufacture the aluminum staple system.  Ask a salesman to explain the differences and/or advantages of staple over steel.

  • How resilient is the fabric?

    Beagle One, Inc. can offer you the vast array of fabric choices. Depending on the application, our sales team will recommend a proven, durable, and cost effective brand for you. Depending on your awning application, there are several different manufacturer warranties that pertain to fire, mildew, fade, and/or stain resistance. Our sales team will work with you to choose the correct type, and brand of fabric, to be the most cost effective and give you the longest life.  We have access to, practically, any fabric brand on the market.  However, there are several that we prefer to use based upon our experience. These fabric brands include: Weathermax, Weblon, Eradi-lite, Arlon-Signtech, Cooley, Meridian Canopy, Patio 500, Ferrari, BTF19, Weathertyte,  Cool Glo, Starfire, Recacril, Sundown, Outdura, and many more (visit our Materials page). Your awning frame can also be covered in steel, aluminum, or copper!

  • How do I care for my awning?

    For your convenience, please view the cleaning and care document.

  • What do I do if my awning or sign needs repaired?

    If you are an existing customer and we performed the installation of your awning or sign, please contact the sales person associated with your purchase. You can find their contact information on our Sales Team page. Or you can call our toll free number, (888) 665-1521, and we will direct your call to them.

If we did not install your awning or sign but you are currently looking for repairs please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you! See our Contact page, fill out and submit our short form, and we will promptly contact you.

  • How long will an awning last?

    Awnings range in life expectancy. Most awnings, if cleaned and cared for properly, can last a very long time. Our welded aluminum awning frames can last 20 to 30 years or more and can be recovered numerous times.  Awning fabrics range in life expectancy (See our Materials page). Most fabrics, if cared for properly, can last 5 to 10 years depending on type, color, and brand. If you are purchasing a retractable awning for your business or residence, please note that your awnings life expectancy will increase if you remove the fabric and store it during the winter months.  All awnings are fully warranted by Beagle One, Inc. for a period of one year. After the expended time frame, covered by Beagle One, Inc., the manufacture’s warranties are implemented for fabric or coatings on metal frames.

  • What are acceptable forms of payment?

    Beagle One, Inc. accepts the following forms of payments: check/money order/cashier’s checks, American Express, Visa, and/or MasterCard. All payments must be submitted to Lana Fanning (Accounts Receivable). Her contact information can be found on the Contact page. All mailed payments need to be sent to: Beagle One, Inc. PO Box 155 Angola, Indiana 46703. (Please do not mail cash)

  • Why should I use Beagle One, Inc.?

    Beagle One, Inc. prides our self on being the most diverse and nationally recognized company to assist you in your awning and signage needs. We conduct business coast to coast. We have a far greater reach than our competition utilizing our strategically placed production facilities and our vast network of qualified vendors. Whether you are increasing the professional eye appeal for your business or installing some shade by the pool we are here to make your plans a reality. Put our team of experts to the test. Don’t delay, request a free quote today! Please visit our Contact page or call our toll free number at (888) 665-1521.

  • How long does it take to get an awning/sign ordered and installed?

    The length of time, to get started and order your sign or awning, is the standard length of a phone call! The more prepared you are with your awning and/or sign choice then the faster we can process your order. Our website is designed to ensure that you are making an informed and beneficial investment to your business or residence. Our fabrication to installation process, depending on your location (permits and/or additional local fees that may apply), can vary. Our installation process typically takes around 4 weeks, or less, from the date of the contractual agreement of services rendered. Depending on the volume or customization, of the awnings or signs, the day of installation could be less or greater than the time frame noted above. For questions regarding our turn-around time please go to our Contacts page and submit our short form. We will happily answer any questions you may have.

  • Do I need a building permit for an awning/sign?

    Permits for awnings and signs vary greatly depending on your location. Our team of experts are here to provide assitance if necessary. We will work with your local municipalities to ensure that all of the required permits and fees are established.

  • What types of awnings are offered by Beagle One, Inc.?

    There are several types of awnings offered by Beagle One, Inc. These awning types include: Retractable awnings (motorized or manual), retractable curtains (motorized or manual), stationary aluminum frame awnings, and/or portable (pop-up canopies). For more information please visit our Awnings page.

  • What sizes and shapes are available?

    Beagle One, Inc. offers a wide variety of sizes and shapes specifically designed to meet our customers need. Customized awnings are our specialty. Go to our Portfolio page to see some of our completed work. Or you can visit our Awnings page to view a selection of standard frames.

  • What colors and designs are available for my awning fabric?

    Beagle One, Inc. offers a broad array of colors, designs, and graphics for your awning fabric (graphics are additional). For samples of our colors and designs, visit our Materials page. To see some of our finished product awning graphics visit our Portfolio page. If you don’t see something on our Website, please go to our Contact page and send us a message. We will work with you to find your perfect shade or design.


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